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Game bug/crash in Dxun - sith temple

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First of all, witch I might think is the problem, I didn't kill the attacking sith assassins in the mandalorian base on Dxun after returning from Iziz. (By the way, Onderon was the last planet I had to go to.) When I returned to their base after telling me they needed help with the sith temple, the dialouge cuts out when a sith assassin attacks Xarga. (I think that is his name) When I talk to him after I killed the remaining sith assassins, he asked me if I was ready to go to Iziz... And when I say yes, I am dropped off onto Dxun on the way to the sith temple with only Atton. And I am invisible for some reason. So, I save the game and when I come back I'm not invisible anymore, but I am midway through the level for some reason. Since it was a minor bug and definitely not game braking, I carried on to the sith temple. From there I continued the game like normal (I think) and after many attempts, killed the three sith at the end. Now when I talk to Xarga when I am ready to leave, the game crashes after I am done talking with him... So, I reloaded a save that I had inside of the temple and appeared where I didn't save? To be more specific, I start at the front of the temple. Behind the door. But, I can still make my way back to where Xarga was and talk to him. The game crashes. 


This is really annoying because this happened on my first play through as well, and a few days later when I was fed up with the bug and had enough with trying to fix it, I left the game alone for a few months and forgot about it. Now this is my second play through, and the same exact thing happens...


TL;DR The game crashes when I talk to Xarga after I have beaten the sith temple.


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because you're supposed to choose squad members by talking to the Red colored Mandalorian in the base,and send them in the temple ,you should have the control of your teammates in the temple   finish it and you should reappear in front of the mandalorian hangar talking about the basilisk war droid and fly it to Onderon.
the assassins should appear before you go to Iziz for the first time,and after you have defeated them you should go in the shuttle and arrive to iziz(this if it's the first time)
try talking to the mandalorian in the base
but you have any mods installed?it could be a conflicting mod

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TSLRCM removes any access remaining Sith Assassins just to prevent stuff like this (and of course, it makes no sense they would still be there). A tip for in the future ;).


Try doing it again. If Kelborn is again interrupted, open the save using KSE and manually add numbers to Global-Numeric;



Making note that none can be Kreia... and NPC1 can only be Handmaiden, Disciple, Mira, Visas or Atton (or Bao-Dur, but that requires again TSLRCM).


Numbers being;

0       Atton
1       BaoDur
2       Mand
3       g0t0
4       Handmaiden
5       hk47
6       Kreia
7       Mira
8       T3m4
9       VisasMarr
10      Hanharr
11      Disciple




I agree that that is such a stupid idiotic pathetic garbage hateful retarded scumbag evil satanic nazi like term ever created. At least top 5.


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