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Cold Fear Sound issue and mouse?


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I am wondering who knows this game and knows some fixs for it the issue I am having sooo There is no sound in the game,
And the mouse is unable to be moved while zoomed in,

Sorry If I posted this in the wrong section or if this isn't allowed I am new to this forum the main reason I made a account was because this post ( http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/55422-modding-alpha-protocol/page-11 ) it fixed the game I loved and wanted to thank them,

But now atm I am having a another issue with a other game, Steam has alot of games Broken.. and its annoying..
One of the 40k Games i used to play doesn't work anymore war march doesn't work Uplink doesn't work Sniper elite doesn't work FOR me atleast it doesn't even give a error with all those games that doesn't work, just start and closes and other peeps have been asking for help and steam just tells them what they already know Remove the game and reinstalle it...

But this forum revive and fixing OLD games That are actaully good and fun IS gold worth And I love you guys for it (no homo)

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Man I have to read that twice to make at least some sense from it (and I am not native speaker as well)


As far as I can tell best bet to help you would be on forums of that game (suppose its Fear) or on steam forums. Fastest way would be reinstall. But I got feeling you dont own original game :/

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