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I've been a huge SP fan for years and just got this game today, love it lol. I've only played for a couple hours.


I laughed like crazy during the tutorial and I was still learning the combat and cartman was like 'god, this is butters all over again' rofl.

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I have played countless games in my time and I can say that South park tsot ranks at the top. It is so funny just like the episodes and so different from any other game. I expect to see some more as a fan id love more and more in the way of dlc or new game etc.



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I'm really enjoying the game as well, I'm only about 3 hours into it but I find it hilarious and really relaxing compared to most games I play nowadays. It's nice being able to sit back, have a laugh, not worry that every skill upgrade you get could potentially ruin your character if you put it into the wrong ability, etc etc. It's a nice casual game that still has a nice intuitive combat experience. I still feel rewarded every time I land an ability properly.


I've always watched South Park but not religiously and I'm not one who remembers thousands of quotes or episodes so I do feel I'm missing some of the humour as I've played on it with friends watching and they've been like "HAHAHA YOU'VE SEEN THAT EPISODE RIGHT?!?!" every 5 minutes... 


If anything, it's motivating me to go back and watch all of the episodes in order just so that I enjoy the game even more than I already am. I think that earns the developers a good job, you've really nailed the essence of South Park and not ruined a licensed game like most companies would!

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Necroing this thread using the green taco bell sauce


Yes, loved it! It hit every note just right. Just finally brought myself to beat it and while i do agree it was short, it didnt have any down time imho and basically was just great from the time i started to the time i broke the gentlemans oath. I cant remember a game that has done this because even all my greats that i cant seem to find any fault in syill has their moments of uninteresting things.

pat urself on the back obsidian because u not only was able to catch the shows vibe 100% u also made a grand and epic rpg outta kids playing make believe.

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