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a quick critique (and some suggestions)

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Great game really worth the wait. But just a few things that didnt sit right with me that id love to see added in for /ahem DLC. Again just a few thoughts of mine.


-Combat could use a defend option.

-inventory could use an arrange option for all the sub catagories of gear.

-the level cap is super low. I think i made it to about 60% the way through and hit the cap.

-Item stacks could be incrased. I have little puches all over the ground. And theres so many they kinda cause a slow down.

-Id love to have 4 characters in the party. That would be so cool

-Maybe some world bosses (mecha barbara streisand or cartman akira :) ) in a patch or dlc? Ala FF7 weapons or FF6 dragons

-Id really, REALLY love to be able to manage my party members gear as well (thats jsut me though)


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I don't see a suggestions thread so I'll add to yours:


- Defend or Cancel Turn option to deal with riposting/deflecting enemies when a buddy doesn't have appropriate weapons.

- Dire wolf damage could use nerfing on Normal. If I don't get the initiative and there are 3-4 wolves, it's lights out unless I have a Summon. Fine for Hard but too much for Normal.

- Sell All Junk option.

- Quicksave that doesn't rely on Checkpoints would be nice.

- Canadian head during character creation would be nice.


I'm probably 80-90% done, but besides some unusual spikes in difficulty on Normal mode (when the alien pilots and dire wolves take double turns) so far I've had a blast.

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