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Three issues I'm having (PC, Win8.1, Steam release)



First issue:  Hardcore difficulty is ridiculously easy.  First three levels were difficult, now I two-shot enemies, 5 shot bosses.


Second issue:  I cannot figure out how to use items:  for example, the Big Game Huntin with Jimbo items or ManBearPig items.


Third issue:  There needs to be a PASS option for passing your turn during the fight.  There should be no reason that Butter has to impale himself on an enemies' sword "just because".


A bit of criticism:  The Quest Map item tracker is clunky at best.  Having to double, triple, sometimes quadruple click the quest to get the quest location to show on the map is cumbersome.  Please take that as constructive criticism, this game is fantastic.


Well done, faith restored in games being released in playable condition.  I look forward to the DLC.  I do have to take a break from the game until I can figure out how to use items such as the ones listed above, though.

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