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help with nonconformist quest





I am on the nonconformist quest and i cant find the goth cap! i got the other goth clothes from the guy at the U-store-it  and he doesnt  sell any more gear but the emo wig and the black eye liner which i already have.


Can i drop the quest and get the items again ??


Any advise is appreciated, i have done all the possible side quests and have 11 hrs on the game, i would hate to have to start over =(


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Thanks for the reply, i read that in another threat but i already checked all the vendors i can think of and no one has anything on the buy back.


this are the few i remember right now  but i went from bottom left to top right entering each house searching for vendors, did i miss someone ?

-visited the elf camp vendor

-kkk vendor

-stan's mom vendor

-the guy who is supposed to sell the cap


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