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Nvidia and brightness control

Guest Slinky

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My old radeon graphics card started showing symptoms of old age (yelling people at its lawn, telling how better things were back in the day), so I grapped an nvidia gtx 660 from a nice sale as temporary replacement until I build a new rig later this year/early next year.


Just one problem, the last time I had a nvidia card was around when Hannibal was having a trip over the Alps. Could someone please tell me how I could easily swich around different brightness levels? With the AMD card I had two different profiles for desktop usage and gaming, desktop had dimmer brightness and gaming had the normal unchanged brightness level. I could easily switch from one to another via desktop shortcuts, but that doesn't seem to be possible with nvidia control panel.


Do I need a third party program or something? I really don't want to go change the brightness level from the driver settings every time I start and stop playing.

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My extremely limited experience with ATI control panels (hubs buys cheaper ATI cards occasionally) is that they tend to have a lot more of such video options than nvidia's control panels. I won't say there's no way to do it without a 3rd party program but I haven't seen anything like that in nvidia's default control panels in forever.


It's never bothered me personally, because I just use the monitor buttons to adjust light-tube brightness (or the TV remote, if using the pc on the TV).

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Yeah, AMD drivers do have more options for video, but they are mostly useless. There are better ways to improve video quality. Overall Nvidia does seem to have better control panel than AMD, way better at handling 3D settings for individual games.


But I am missing the AMD profile system that allows changing all settings quicky right now. When the brightness is good for gaming, the desktop melts my face and when it's good for desktop, I feel like Geordi La Forge when playing. Can't see **** captain!

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I have the same problems with nvidia brightness.

But its based on my tftlcd display. I found setting up the nvidia settings in control panel helps but also monitor settings and in game settings to get the best visual for me. Everything from refresh rate to the three primary colours just need tweaking.


Try hunting out online tips etc. On google.

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