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Hi all,


I look all South Park episodes in english at it´s release. Also i look them later in my mother language. So i am used to both Voices, and more important, a lot of jokes get lost in translation.


I think it would be nice if there is a option to chose in which language you play the game, e.g. play it the first time in your mother language and a 2. time in english.


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Will you play on PC? If Ubisoft's digital distribution platform is anything like Steam, you'll be able to select the language at install time or directly as an advanced property of the game in your Ubisoft library. However, having avoided Ubisoft for quite some time due to their horrible DRM measures, those are only guesses on my part.


Are you, by any chance, Swiss? "look an episode" and "mother language" sound so familiar


Citizen of a country with a racist, hypocritical majority

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Forgive me in advance for difficult to express myself in English .


I'm also a (very) big fan of the television series "South Park" as you all ...

I'm waiting for this game since its first presentation.


But I must admit that something hinders me the desire to acquire the game ..


The voices of the characters are fantastic in my native language ( French ) .

I found the voice of the original version of boring when we used to listen to ours.

Doublers did a really great job since the beginning of the television series to meet the stories and humor not always obvious to translate.

The great success of the animated series also falls on them .

The least, it would be to honor them and invite them to participate in the development of the game and thus complete the success of the series by this promising game .


I trust that the game and the story will be really interesting.

The authenticity in relation to the series seems perfectly respected.


I guess it will be a huge cost , and the investment does not seem to live up to the profits in the end.

But believe me, dear developers, it would be a shame to forget the voices of the characters in all languages.


Subtitles will not be enough to convince me to buy the game as I think many other fans .


You are free to make the game as great as our hopes, or else to remain in mediocrity too widespread in today's world of video games ...

I wish you still a success with or without me, the project looks good.


thank you

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