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How Long Will the Game be?

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I know information is scarce but I was wondering how long the game will take to beat.  Will it be a short 10-20 hours worth of gameplay or a full blown epic like fallout or KotOR 2 spanning 50+ hours. In addendum how long has the game been in development. I know with the delays obsidian finally has a chance to create a non rushed game as I'm sure THQ was pressuring for a quick release to avoid bankruptcy.

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From what I understand, this one is slightly different than say KOTOR2 and Fallout:NV from the publisher's stance, since from what I understand, they are just releasing it similar to what EA did with Kingdoms of Amalur, instead of funding the development for it. South Park Studios is funding that, from what I understand. Therefore, pressuring for an early release from the publisher side would be a bit more on the futile side. I assumed that THQ was having problems getting the cash together to properly release this, which is why they delayed it.


As far as length goes, I don't have the faintest idea.

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I know with the delays obsidian finally has a chance to create a non rushed game as I'm sure THQ was pressuring for a quick release to avoid bankruptcy.


This delay does not necessarily mean Obsidian has more time to do it. For all we know Obsidian might have completed their work already in February and Ubisoft is sitting on it and trying to figure out the best time to release it.


e.g. Alpha Protocol. AP was released in May 2010 but Obsidian actually finished working on it somewhere around Summer - Autumn 2009. The original release date was supposed to be in October 2009 but SEGA decided to delay it so they can "ensure that the game will be released in the best commercial release window possible and will also receive the focus this true AAA title deserves. (Yeah..)" Unfortunately, SEGA didn't let Obsidian to add content in it or polish it, they didn't want to put any more money in it's development.*


Went really off-topic there but I had an unexplained desire to answer to that quoted part. Sorry. To the topic itself, we don't know until one of the devs comes here and gives some estimates (I know mr. Monahan and J. Burke sometimes stalks on this part of the forum. Yes, you have been seen). Or we play it ourselves.



* This is solely based on some articles all around the internet and on rumors and I don't know if this has ever been confirmed. Quote can be found here.

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