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Update #49: Water, Trees, Day/Night, Lighting... All That Jazz

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so instead of improving them they were deleted?


They probably have reasons why they are not included, but I agree with your sentiment. Frankly it's not good enough. The game looks so static and feels dead. It is actually kind of painful to look at at times. The video in update 49 showed a glimpse of what was possible, but watching the game in motion now it feels as if the last 2 years their only goal was to make the game look worse.


Yeah, they have other things to do: gameplay, story, world building, etc. That's all fine and dandy. Occasional animations on trees and shrubs should not have been cut under any circumstance. 


It's good to see that other people such as yourself are equally disappointed with what has transpired. 

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And how is foliage "not moving at all" while other things are being moved by the wind (fallen leafs, water etc...) more immersive?

It isn't, but that's not really the point. Animating moving water and falling leaves takes little effort (since they're 3d), whereas getting nice-looking animations for the 2d stuff obviously proved too difficult.

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