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Ah found it. How to learn an ingame language:


"You are going to have to learn to think before you act, but never to regret your decisions, right or wrong. Otherwise, you will slowly begin to not make decisions at all."

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I just remembered that there is a Final Fantasy game where a faction spoke a language which you don't understand (at first).

What those people are saying is normal english, but the text is decoded by a permutation of the alphabet (as opposed to a simple caesars cipher). The player was able to find some kind of stone slabs which would then give him the ability to "translate" the language (which effectively decoded a single character of the alphabet for the rest of the game).

In the end, if you hunted for those stone slabs, you were able to understand everything the people were saying - but you already were able to understand some of the words even without finding every character, which really felt like learning the language. The game featured also some kind of new game plus so that you were even able to understand everything in a second playthrough, discovering more information about the gameworld.


I think a similar concept for eternity would be awesome. Naturally, it should be a language which is not spoken anymore as to make sense in the game world, so a dead language which you can find scriptures from in dungeons or the like. Maybe couple some kind of lore skill to it and you have an easy way to give the player more lore and/or tips for certain areas if he wants to invest in the skill, making it a way cooler lore skill than the usual item identifying.


What do you guys think?


Ev drao bid dra avvund du syga naym eh-kysa myhkiykac, E cruimt ruba ed'c y ped suna ehdanacdehk dryh y cesbma cipcdedideuh lebran. Nihel (un cesemyn) ymbrypadc fuimt pa luum druikr.


Bmayca tuh'd cbayg Ym Prat, ed naekhedac pyt sasuneac uv Vehym Vyhdyco Q.

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