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As this is going to be a PC game and only a PC game and most people have access to multiple monitors or "large widescreens" I would love to see a multiple monitor addition such as;

  • Main screen = game
  • Second Screen = Journal, available spells on characters, health starts, mini map





side note - second screen only accessible when game is in pause.

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Juneau & Alphecca Daley currently tearing up Tyria.

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If the game is playable with mouse only, then it already supports touch. . . Any game that is played purely by pointing and clicking can be easily played on a touch screen.


I have a touchscreen laptop and I can play the old IE games purely by touch if I want to, without any modifications to the original games. I choose not to because keyboard shortcuts are much more efficient. But I could if I wanted to.


As for a mobile port, I don't know why this keeps coming up. It's been made pretty clear this is a PC game.

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