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Raising More Money

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So does anyone else have any plans to raise money for PE? Obviously the devs have tried their darndest to spread the word by encouraging facebook likes and doing as many interviews as possible; I think the rest should be down to us to drum up as much support as possible.


The main thing that I can think of is creating a thread in any forums that you think would be interested in the off topic section (and obviously if it's not in conflict with the rules of said forum) and provide the link to get as many views as possible to the main site (I've done this already on a few forums that I occaisonally frequent). Furthermore some forums that did make a thread about it (as I found with the UESP forum) have not had fresh responses since September - so now is the time to casually bump those threads with a "What does everyone think about the updates?" or a "How many more of you have backed the project since this thread started?". In a similiar vein, people with a large number of followers on Twitter could also use that as a platform to get the word out.


Beyond that, I guess word of mouth to people you know that are interested in gaming. People I know who are interested in these sorts of games were already backing when I spoke to them about it, still undoubtedly some will have slipped through the net. It's the perfect excuse to give cousin Joe that call you've been putting off because you didn't think you'd have much to talk about; now you can drop in about Project Eternity especially if you know they have used KS in the past or just use the internet often generally.


So is there any other good ideas people can think of? That Big Big City 2 isn't going to fund itself!

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I emailed my pen and paper D&D buddies to let them know. A few of them were Fallout fans too. Facebook is a good venue. Google+. If you're on reddit, make sure to upvote the posts about PE.

My blog is where I'm keeping a record of all of my suggestions and bug mentions.

http://hormalakh.blogspot.com/  UPDATED 9/26/2014

My DXdiag:


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