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The other two races

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Based on the lore in update # 20, I'm guessing (perhaps incorrectly) that orlan will be one of them.


"A race of people found mostly in northern, temperate climates but also as far south as the Dyrwood. Physically, they are notable for their small stature, two-toned skin, and exceptionally large, hair-covered ears."


And the hairy ears.... I'm having trouble picturing that looking decent.

Or something like furry ears that you might see on... Catgirls/boys. Neither of which seem terribly appealing.


I doubt they'd come up with something that looked awful and terribly out of place in the setting though, so I'm guessing they simply have a lot more imagination than I. I certainly look forward to finally seeing what this, the other mysterious race and the Godlike races look like.


Honestly, I'm cringing every time "furry" is mentioned in the context of PE. Please, Obsidian. Don't endeavour to attract.... THEM.


Its not my bag, but don't be so judgemental, everyone entitled to thier fantasies.


I don't think they'll be furries, the only unusual spot that sounds furry is the ears (I hoping the outside of the ears, I'd rather not play something resembling Grand Nagus Zek :).


I'm thinking of the sixth race, maybe a race made by wizard experiments, with each subrace a different,experiment.


As for Godlike I thought they were multiple races too because they initially said races, but since then they've refered to them as a singular race, so I think they ment subraces, although I do expect the Godlike to be the most diverse race in respect to subraces. Ironically I think if they is a Cat like race it will be a subrace of Godlike, that is liked by a Cat Goddess, like Sharess. Although I think the monk in that picture of the companions is a Godlike.


I'm dying to find out the sixth race.







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Whould be great if another playable race is orks (or something like) but it if other like barberian-savage-large-brutal-warior like race whould be ok.

I personaly thing that it's the time for some half-orc like race from neverwinter. BUT only if it will by done well no only in terms "They like fighting and they smell bad".


And another thing "ORLAN" race ? When i think "Orlan" it remainds me barceep from gothic 2 or farmer from original campain NWN2. Worst name ever, even Bu-bu or Ciubi-ciubi whould be better. Even Japanasing this name to Oranato sound better. And I"M SURE that even if evrywon on this site will think the same Obsydian will never say "Ok, ok sorry we made a mistake, we are already working on fixing this problem" becouse they don't whan't to admit mistakes.


Mt only hope is that that "Orlan" name whould by the last foolishness they produce, even dinosaur romance companion whould be better... esh


When I read Orlan I immediately think of orphans... so I agree its a foolish name. But for the other race I'd like a magical one more. Why not creating some undead / vampires in contrast to the godlike? Or a race which gives people magic abilities like turning invisible / teleporting / magic attacks. This could allow you f.e. to create some figthers with magical abilities which I'd like to see very much.

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