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Norway appoints Muslim woman Minister of Culture

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Roman Catholic Church was the biggest religious terrorist group until at least the French Revolution. The Muslims will have a lot of catching up to do to beat them.




Sure and we use burn people who said the world wasn't flat.

Fighting nonsense with nonsense leaves you both ignorant.

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I don't think anyone is even remotely suggesting we can't coexist with Muslims, the debate for me should rather be focused on the inimical threat around Islamic fundamentalism that threatens both Western and moderate Muslim countries.


Nah, some of us are just suggesting excuses (in the form of outright lies) that the idea of a Christian murdering people based on religious motivations (like an anti-Muslim agenda) isn't actually religiously motivated. I mean, I'm sure if the guy was Muslim he'd still have gone on his Muslim bombing spree to protect the world from Muslims....


Oh wait, it only happens once, so we shouldn't count that. Especially without looking at any sort of context. And education is irrelevant too, because these people were raised in our schools and therefore on equal footing. No other context. There are some educated Muslim people (in a principally homogeneous Christian environment), so it obviously undermines the education argument (though outliers naturally don't undermine the idea that we should exclude/ignore the non-Christian Christian attackers). Never mind if we bothered to expand the scope of where these attacks take place (i.e. the religiously motivated crimes around the world that still exist today by messed up people that feel their protecting their Christian way of life).


<rant mode>

I'm agnostic-atheist, but in general have no real beef with people that follow whatever religion that they want. When I see posts that propagate hate, it makes me angry because it's just part of the problem. I had the misfortune of having a (misguided) Christian friend that liked to forward along all of her chain emails (religious or otherwise) because she thought she was spreading actual information. Seeing people spread propaganda that a Muslim "protest for peace" involves brandishing weapons and putting up signs that talk about killing white Christians is damned frustrating. And this crap happened frequently. She genuinely believed that Islam is fundamentally set towards murdering Christians (and other religions) and substantiated her perspectives based on the absolute lies that she did not know were lies.


If one is wishing to state that religiously motivated Christian attackers are much less common (especially in the West) you're not going to get an argument from me. Christians already went through their "lets murder other Christians because I don't like the way those types of Christians are" phase, as well as their "lets murder non-believers in general" phase, and thankfully it seems to be (mostly) no longer an issue. But there are still people that get killed, terrorized, and harmed in a multitude of ways by people that justify their actions based on their Christian faith. I don't consider these people accurate representations of Christianity, and it shouldn't be anything more than a statement of the obvious that the number of Christian motivated crimes is going to have a lesser chance of happening in countries that have a strong Christian homogeneity.


Take a peek at say, the United States, and you'll see the occurrence of awful crimes that occur by people who share Christian beliefs. We just like to pull some wool over our eyes and go "Well, those aren't Christian motivated crimes. We all know Christianity doesn't condone that stuff, so they're obviously misguided and really if we're honest with ourselves it's more of a political agenda than a religious one." As though people buy into the notion that because someone suggests the idea of separation of Church and State means that religion and politics are separate. That guy that bombs an abortion clinic isn't really doing it because of religious reasons or anything like that... it's more political because, you know, abortion is purely a political topic, not a religious one....


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