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Time and Weather survey  

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  1. 1. Do you want time of day to matter in some cases?

    • Sure
    • Nah
    • Don't care
  2. 2. Do you want the passage of time to matter in some cases?

    • Ugh. No racing the clock, please.
    • Sure. Adds urgency.
    • Don't really care
  3. 3. Do you want weather that has some kind of impact?

    • Sure. Random lightning bolts are hilarious
    • Eh, cosmetic-only is my preference
    • Either-or, all the same to me

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Effect of weather or daytime would be great.


Try to reload a front-loaded-gun in pitch black, or a torch beside you. Both not very comfy.^^ => much longer reloading time in the dark and a bit longer with a torch (you need to be more careful) and too bright light could make one night-blind for some time (inflicting accuracy)


And you can't use a wheellock-gun in the rain, because a wet flintstone doesn’t make sparks, which are hot enough to enflame wet powder. That means in the rain a matchlock-gun has to be used, which has a longer reloading time, than a wheellock-gun. => if you want to use a wheellock-gun in the rain it needs a keep-dry-rune (or something like that) or the shooter needs to be umbrella-buffed by a magician


Hey, weather and daytime could inflict morale, depending on the PCs or companions character. And that umbrella-buff could keep the morale up, when it rains cats and dogs.

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