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If romances are included

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Don't shoot me but I wouldn't mind some George R. R. Martin style writing as far as 'romance' goes ;)


Sansa / Sandor

Jaime / Cersei

Jaime / Brienne

Arianne Martell / Aerys Oakheart


hell yeah.




(and oh god, not the tv show)

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You guys gotta admit something: the main people that will be buying this game will be straight males, and where I come from, males love some eye candy, there is gotta have some nice cleavage in the game, hookers, hot companions...its all good

How long are people going to repeat this until they are forced to acknowledge that it's not true?


I want interesting characters, that's my bottom line for everything. Interesting to me means variety, authenticity- NOT created out of a marketing impulse to please a certain demographic, be that straight male or whatever- and either humor or pathos or ideally both.


One could argue that much of the point of fiction, or at least drama in fiction, is emotional porn.

Not good fiction.
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If there are romances I'd like them like they were in PST. A bit of flirting (Annah) and/or a bit of intellectual/spiritual connection (Grace) maybe something more if it's relevant to the main story, but certainly not the cringe-worthy, in-your-face, hot coffee stuff Dragon Age had, for example.

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