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Dialogues, should they be tied to your stats?


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  1. 1. How do I want dialogues to work mechanically?

    • Tied to stats, If i want to excel at talking, I should need to devote resources that way.
    • My choices inside the game, like which faction i align with should determine who i can persuade or not
    • Finding the right things to say to each npc should determine if i can sway them (Deus ex HR as an example here)
    • Mechanically tied, but choosen separately from class and attributes, like dividing a pool of persuasion, intimidation, bluff etc points
    • Other, I will explain in the comments
    • All of the above

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Well, if someone from the team read this thread, here is a good way to resume me: the more complex the dialogues the better.

Stats, skills, reputations and past actions should influence any dialogue. This way, even when if you're just renting a room at the inn, it feels like you're your character at every moment.

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