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[Merged] PROTIP: Replace the "Player House" stretch goal with multi-language support

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I don't think Chinese would be neseccary, alot of Chinese speak english (I think most schools require it), any that would have the luxury of owning a personal computer definetly would. I have heard that more Chinese read and write English than in Mandarin characters, having been there I dunno if thats true but there was a lot of English signs, more Chinese probably read in the romanincized pin yin text than characters though.


English is enough of the global market share for any company, at its peak the British Empire comprised 66% of the world, you can damn well bet that every current commonwealth and most former commonwealths have a large english speaking population.


You've never been to china have you ? I'm in shanghai right now. The english taught at school is very bad, most of the young chinese I meet still are far below the required level to read somewhat complicated texts (as in a book or RPG).


Now it is true that most of the upper-class chinese speak english well enough, because often their work require them to do so, but if you venture into mainland china alone and not speaking chinese, you'll be in trouble. If you stay in rich coastal cities like Shanghai you'll be fine but even so, with my limited chinese most of my daily interaction with chinese people is reduce to body language.


Anyway, i don't think chinese are in the target audience of hardore isometric RPG. Most of them never had the chance to play games in the isometric golden era, or were not interested, and this project is tailored to attract nostalgic people like us.


Russian, Polish, Spanish, German and French are more likely to yield results.

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