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  1. I don't think it's a real issue. You translate Smith into Dupont in french. This is the cultural equivalent. Hightower can be translated into Hautetour easily because it sounds ok and can be a name in France. What is difficult is to translate totally imaginary names from one language to another because you are not sure of what was the expected sound impact of the name. But even for that, professional translators can manage good jobs. If you look at translated books, outside of poetry and songs, translations are ok, at least in french. But french and english are quite close in sounds, so it's
  2. It really depends what the authors of the Names wanted them to be in the first place. In english there is a fundamental issue because most of the english last names are translatable, especially in fantasy settings, authors love to give people surnames that gives a hint of where they were born, or about their status, personality, whatever. In the Witcher, to follow your example, i don't think many last names were in polish from the beginning, of course Geralt z Rivii was translated into Geralt of Rivia in english and Geralt de Rive in french, but that's ok, because "z Rivii" is polish, Ger
  3. You've never been to china have you ? I'm in shanghai right now. The english taught at school is very bad, most of the young chinese I meet still are far below the required level to read somewhat complicated texts (as in a book or RPG). Now it is true that most of the upper-class chinese speak english well enough, because often their work require them to do so, but if you venture into mainland china alone and not speaking chinese, you'll be in trouble. If you stay in rich coastal cities like Shanghai you'll be fine but even so, with my limited chinese most of my daily interaction with chin
  4. Right i took the wrong picture, i'll change it, but nevertheless, it looks really similar to me, true we see some more polygons and less crisp details, but that's really ok for me.
  5. Like a mock-up concept art that doesn't even feature 3d models? O_o' Those are 3D models actually. (edit probably not the passers-by with their umbrellas, but the shining NPC are 3D, they showcased the dwarf model in a video for instance)
  6. This is how a modern 2D isometric game with 3D character can look like : Or like this :
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