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DLC activates Level scaling in normal game. Help uninstalling dlc.

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Im on steam.


I am playing hardcore with my wife in dungeon siege 3 but i realise the dlc makes the enemies scale with you.


Why is this a problem? im like level 15 and all the normal tiny spiders scale with you. they do like 100 damage each. i find my wife playing katarina instantly dying. YES we are gearing and geared as best we can besides horrible drops. but this whole mega scaling is hurting the game as no matter how much armor defenses i get etc. enemies are already above or better than us hitting us for a bajillion damage. lescanzi mercs can kill us like instantly.


Without the dlc you would be able to farm a bit and get some breathing room. with it installed you have no breathing room for when you level up in the normal game. i find it just horrible and bad thinking on who ever made the dlc's part in this. its fun forawhile but then it just gets ridiculous.


it also makes normal bosses become a little too insane even for hardcore. the spider boss's tiny spiders. can insta kill you. yes i can probably kill them kiting and using abilties rolling around forever. but then i go into the forest in the back and wolves instakill me. because theyre on and or above my level. its not cool at all. i have to play lucas like a ranged toon.



its the dlc, i played hardcore before solo it wasnt like this.

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