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  1. Update i just deleted the dlc but my save requires it. BLAH! ill reinstall and just hack the console and turn off level scaling because its become rediculous.
  2. Im on steam. I am playing hardcore with my wife in dungeon siege 3 but i realise the dlc makes the enemies scale with you. Why is this a problem? im like level 15 and all the normal tiny spiders scale with you. they do like 100 damage each. i find my wife playing katarina instantly dying. YES we are gearing and geared as best we can besides horrible drops. but this whole mega scaling is hurting the game as no matter how much armor defenses i get etc. enemies are already above or better than us hitting us for a bajillion damage. lescanzi mercs can kill us like instantly. Without
  3. NON horrible CO OP CAMERA. being able to customize the camera having better zoom out, getting rid of the tether. both online and local offline. the game was good. the multiplayer camera is HORRIBLE. its game breaking for me and my woman playing during boss battles. i the game would just zoom out more! the tether gets us killed too much. ds3 was way too short i beat it on hardcore in a matter of hours on single player. some length to the main campaign with some side quest plz.
  4. thanks for the website im just having a tough time finding a way to resolve local co op top down stuckness. if i could just, Be able to make the top down perma zoomed out alot more than zoomed in. or not be bound by the camera. Im playing with my woman at home sharing the screen. but we both notice and complain about being stuck together and the camera. Its getting us killed because we play in hardcore. reducing the multiplayer tether to even negative amounts doesnt do anything were stuck to the same screen. i was playing with console forever till i burned out. If theres a Dev or
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