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Old School South Park Fan Suggestion

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I've been a huge South Park fan since S01E01 and I have one main suggestion. Please watch S03E03 "The Succubus" if you haven't already. The Lochness Monster and The Sucubbus are really great characters that I'm sure you could have a lot of fun with in the game. Not to mention Chef's parents, the eye doctor at the beginning of the episode, and the awesome slaying powers of the kids singing "The Morning After" backwards.


I have seen every episode multiple times and my one request is please don't leave this one out!!


Short list of other super funny classic stuff for your consideration -


Season 1:

  • Volcano - "He's comin right for us!"
  • Death - Stan's Grandpa wants someone to kill him

Season 2:

  • Chickenlover - "Respect my authoritah!"
  • Cow Days - "I declare shinanigans on this carnival!" and "Cartman thinks he is a Vietnamese prostitute"
  • Underpants Gnomes

Season 3:

  • Sexual Harassment Panda
  • Hooked on Monkey Phonics "No phonics monkey! Stop jacking off!"

Season 4:

  • Fingerbang (the boyband)
  • NAMBLA "-Man on Internet: I'm 9 inches. -Cartman: Midgets piss me off"
  • Fat Camp

Season 5:

  • Scott Tenorman Must Die
  • Cartmanland
  • Proper Condom Use
  • How to Eat With Your Own Butt

Would be stoked to see any of this stuff in the game! Looking forward to playing, thanks!

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All I've been saying since this game was announced is that I am praying for some original songs from Trey and Matt. South Park history is littered with amazing original songs, I hope they find creative ways to implement them into a game somehow. It almost seems impossible, but they just announced that Epic Mickey 2 would be a musical, so if those guys can figure out ways to implement songs into a game, Matt and Trey have to have some ideas.

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If no original song, Cartman doing a popular song would be a great 2nd choice.

The area between the balls and the butt is a hotbed of terrorist activity.


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