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  1. This is indeed sad. I'm no marketing expert, but if this game is as cool as people are saying, you'd think they would want some sort of marketing push to get people other than just South Park fans excited about it. We still haven't even really seen it in action! (not counting the whole 2 1/2 seconds of combat in the trailer.) Regardless, I'm sure it will be sweet. I will just hold out hope that the footage at MCM won't be so damn confidential.
  2. Does anyone have any information on the demo that was shown at EB Expo in Australia? I am one of the poor souls from the states that wasn't able to attend. Other than Twitter there is very little on it, apart from how awesome it was.
  3. All I've been saying since this game was announced is that I am praying for some original songs from Trey and Matt. South Park history is littered with amazing original songs, I hope they find creative ways to implement them into a game somehow. It almost seems impossible, but they just announced that Epic Mickey 2 would be a musical, so if those guys can figure out ways to implement songs into a game, Matt and Trey have to have some ideas.
  4. Im not sure if anyone is as excited about this game as I am! I have to say I am a little put off at the thought of turn-based combat, but regardless, I have total faith in anything Matt Stone and Trey Parker put their hands on. I was looking through the E3 roster and didn't see Obsidian anywhere. I was wondering if you guys were going to be making an appearance at all? If so is that the first time we're going to see any footage? YOU GUYS ARE KILLING ME WITH THE LACK OF EPIC TRAILER!!! FEED MY NERD APPETITE! Anyways good luck guys, I hope this game goes down like Cartman's mom!
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