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How to start the DLC

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Hi everyone. Just bought the DLC and ...oh the anticipation was so great. Yet Idk how to get into the new chapter. The Introduction quest says I can go there by talking to some guy in the Grandchapter house. The thing is, I'm at the last save point in East Forest (the Mournweld before fighting the Corrupted Creator) and I deleted the endgame autosave but I can't go back either cuz the Chapterhouse is on fire and debris blocked my way back @-@. I thought when I completed the game it will automatically transfer my char to the new chapter but no... Does this mean I have to start all over again? Why didn't Obsidian think about this? Why did they design all the block-thingy that made it unable for players to go back to the causeway hub?

HELP!!! ID want to start all over again.

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Oof. Yeah man, I did the exact same thing as you, and I was a little bit furious when I found out that you have to start all over. I can't upload a save, but I can console you with this: The game is actually pretty quick to play through again, and the silver lining to the situation is that the bosses you fight along the way will drop essences. I'd also recommend transmuting any gear you find with stats for retribution, vampire, doom, stagger, or warding. Do that, and by the time you reach endgame, you'll have a pretty hefty stash of essences to toss on your gear.

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2 b honest with u, I have little problem concerning the last bosses of the main game. Yes it was hard but not insurmountable. The annoyance is that I have to play everything all over again just to see the worth of my money on the DLC. I thought this was like Titan Quest, where once U complete the main quest you'll be directed to the new world. Why didn't Obs do sth like that, instead of cramming it in the middle of the game?

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