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Distance affects damage? Wha?

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I haven't noticed that in my experience. Then again, isn't close range exactly what Katarina's dual gun stance is for? I rather use her rifle otherwise. The exception is when she is swarmed by fast moving enemies that can close the distance too fast for rolling away to help.

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Hm...as far as I know, distance has nothing to do with damage dealt. Maybe because your attack score in the dual-wielding stance is lower than in the Rifle stance?


Like I said, point blank range I take out ice crystals in 1 hit, every time. Go to the edge of the guns' range, and it takes 3-4 shots. Try it out. What this means is that these guns have an even shorter distance that previously thought. Or it's a bug with the ice crystals, which I doubt, since it doesn't affect the rifle.

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