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Reinhart Dyanamic Stance flaw

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Reinhart's ONLY flaw: his 2 weapon stance is actually 1 weapon and 1 armor. The game treats his Dynamic Stance Belt weapon as a piece of armor so it never spawns with any Chaos Effects or Doom. Please fix this Obsidian.


Besides that, he's ridiculously awesome. Check out my guide to greatest legion hero, Reinhart Manx.

The Greatest Legion Hero: Reinhart Manx

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Guide to The Greatest Legion Hero


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Just finished the game again with Reinhardt on Hardcore. Can't say I really noticed it. He was indeed great fun to play with, though. I was so certain I would hate him the most between the 4, I actually dreaded playing as him. Turns out Lucas was the least fun for me. And I always like the melee/tank types.

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Does that need fixing? You more or less stated in other threads how Reinhart is unstoppably powerful and trumps the other three characters easily if built correctly. Sounds to me like he is fine as is. >_<


Based on my own experiences playing Reinhart, I think he more than holds his own compared to his fellow legionnaires.

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