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A busy schedule of modding for FOT


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Back up of other IDEAS

Decide on XML or something else to store the abstract file structure of entity files from the fallout tactics demo. mp5.ent to start.


Workout the generic format of all entity files.


Review python 3.0 script from NMA by Prosper, make C equivalent


Build GUI with additional functions for editing fallout tactics demo files


Publish it to random fallout fansite.***


Assess any or all emails from interplay regarding our FOT partnership.


Download the 3D Brother hood of Steel Demo and mod a Fallout 3 critter into it.



Month 2 Calendar:

Work heavily on new content for Fallout Tactics Multiplayer Demo

Write Converter to use make possible Demo to FT Full

Integrate it with Cubiks' Fallout 2 to Fallout 1 converter



Month 3 Calendar:

Devise a hack that can reload the demo missions or reload the entity files.

Add a cheap menu to the game or possibly to the demo levels a mechanism by which players can change item sets. this means upgrades and complete replacements with newitems . to and from efficiently.


whatis perceived i a much larger item library for FOT demo players to work with.


Month 3 and Half to Four Calendar:

Revisit all works, stabilize and crossplatform what is desired, bundle and submit as one large pack to NMA File section.


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