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Run time error R6025, DSIII doesn't even start



Hi, I got Dungeon Siege III recently and I'm yet to be able to get it to run.


Every time I try I get an error message and it doesn't even start an opening cutscene.

The error message is a run-time error that mentions "R6025 Pure virtual function call" or words to that effect.


The game files fail validation whether they are installed from DVD or downloaded from Steam, I have tried repeatedly.


I'm using Windows XP Pro, UK English, with all latest updates. I have reinstalled the VC 2008 32-bit library. I have reinstalled Steam. I have tried switching to US English. I have obviously been through numerous other topics elsewhere including technical problems with this game...

I am using a Radeon X1950 Pro. I am using dual 2.8 ghz Pentium processors. I have 3 gigabytes of SDRAM. I have over 5 gigs of free hard disk space. All my drivers are up to date.


The last best idea I can think of is my graphics card is not up to scratch (and tbh the X1950 is a bit glitchy anyway), but that doesn't seem like the sort of error message I would get for a graphics card issue, I'd expect something that actually mentions my graphics card. Furthermore that wouldn't explain the file validation issue.


Does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone else even come across this problem? (I have not found anyone anywhere with this specific issue)


Edit: Ok I noticed the topic with other people having validation issues, but that's obviously not my main problem here.

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Ok, tried that too, still the same result.


A bit more detail on the error messages.


It first comes up with an error window that says "Dungeon Siege III has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." - standard Windows program failure stuff with "send error report" and other useless crap that Microsoft will never do anything about. I suppose I could list the full content of the error report if anyone thinks it will help, but I really doubt it.

Anyway I close that, and another window pops up. It's headed "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library" and the body message is:


Runtime Error!


Program c:\program files\ste... (the rest of the message is cut off here, I can't find any way to see the rest of the line, but that probably means "steam")



- pure virtual function call


And just an "ok" button. I press that, and another error window pops up. This one is headed "Dungeon Siege III: Dungeon Siege III.exe - Application Error", the body of this error message is:


The exception unknown software exception (0x40000015) occurred in the application at location 0x005fadf3.


Click on OK to terminate the program


And another "ok" button, and when I press that one it finishes giving me error messages and still no sign of the game that has been paid for.


It's still failing file validation.

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