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Gear is sometimes only for one stance?

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I'm playing as Anjali, and when I'm on the equip screen, at the top left it shows what form I'm equipping for? I don't get it, I thought gear was universal. I noticed that the 2 slots on the left, which appear to be necklaces, are only for fire form. Is this true? Do those items' stats only apply when I'm in fire form?


Ah, I just read another thread, explaining that the staff and the 2 slots on the right are specific to form. BTW, there's a glitch kinda, in that if you hover/select the staff, it will say human form, but then go over to the middle slots, and it's still human form. OK, now go to the slots on the right, and it says fire form, but then go left to the slots in the middle, and it still says fire form! So it stays on whatever you viewed last, the staff or the 2 slots to the right. This confused me at first.

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Certain gear, like weapons or shields only add their respective stats for the stance that uses them. Hope that helps, I never played with Anjali besides the demo so I don't really remember the specifics for her. IIRC (Alvin said that I think?) the defense stance borrows the stats from the last stance you used.

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