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Better customization system

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Are you annoyed as I am that you can't customize your character in depth?

For example you would like to focus your character on lightning damage but you can't since its effect occurrence is extremely rare and this chance is unchangeable, a simple solution for this would be to let each item that has lightning effect add to the chance of the effect occurring...


Another example how Obsidian developers didn't think this through...


Post your ideas on how to make customization more detailed and varied.

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Much deeper item system is very needed. In all ways imaginable.


Also to compliment this, crafting and the possiblility for everything to have multiple uses such as vendor/trade/breakdown for components/quest material.


The game is super bare bones though, almost like a really well done tech demo. It isn't someything I would sell for $60.

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I'm sure it's been covered in another thread already, but how exactly *does* certain affects work? It might have happened during the frenzy of combat, but I don't recall seeing any sort of on-screen indication that certain damage effects were taking effect.


For instance, if my sword has points in Fire Damage, I don't recall seeing any numbers pop up when I hit an opponent that indicated there was fire damage done to them. I do recall some enemies on fire, but I had Anjali in my party shooting fireballs at them. So I don't know if that was from her fireballs, or from my flaming sword.


Also, is the fire damage a guaranteed hit each time? Or is it a percentage thing where the higher your weapon's fire damage score, the more likely it is you'll score extra damage with fire?

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Honestly, about the crafting: I've personally never been a fan of crafting systems, unless you're talking the KOTOR and KOTOR 2 implementations of the workbench and lab stations. Obsidian's improvement of the workbench was a thing of beauty, TBH, and the only place I've ever actually enjoyed crafting and upgrading items. Unless Obsidian wants to add that mechanism to a DS4 (please, let there be one!), I could just as easily live without it.


OTOH, I didn't mind Dragon Age's enchanting, outside the crafting elements introduced into Awakening. I wouldn't mind seeing something like that added.

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