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The Ultimate One Shot Katarina Guide (works on hard difficult)

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Hello guys Daniel here I hope you enjoy this guide but before reading on PLEASE make sure you read this from start to finish and follow it 100% to get a full understanding on Katarina and how to build her I have beaten this game 10 times already with each character at least 2 times each (I LOVE THIS GAME! :dancing:) but let me tell you in this quick guide on Katarina as she is the strongest class in the game she is just stupidly overpowered if you know how to build her so if you want to play a class that can one shot everything besides bosses (you will kill bosses insanely fast as well) then this is the guide for you.


Okay I don't have much time so this guide will be a bit rushed but as I get more time I will edit this and make it so this guide is a lot more presentable but for now this will do I will explain the abilities you should be leveling, the basics on how to play and how to make your Katarina the most overpowered thing ever I just laugh as I one shot things and destroy hard mode with out even trying the damage Katarina can do is just stupid she is really overpowered and she is such a fun character to play. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that Katarina requires a few levels for her to become godlike I would say around level 10 that is when she becomes stupidly overpowered and even more overpowered when you get all her mandatory abilities and have invested quite a few points into talents/proficiencies but also keep in mind that she is still very strong before level 10 also beginner players don't hesitate to play on normal difficult for a while just so you can get a feel of Katarina and her abilities/play style.


Okay lets talk about your abilities and weapon choice your main abilities will be Heartseeking shot, Call Of The Hunt, Blackhound Familiar and Chosen Prey (you only need 1 point into Chosen Prey this is your boss killing ability) Your main weapon will be the Rifle I never use dual wield as if the enemies come close to you I just dodge roll out of the way and than start shooting again so do not use dual wield I stick to the rifle as it does insane amounts of damage the only time you will be switching to dual wield is to summon your Blackhound Familiar pet than you will be going straight back to your rifle.


Now let me explain the abilities you will be getting as you level up through the game in more detail and when you should be using them.


Charm Of Eternal Life: If you play Katarina correctly you only need 1 point into this since 1 point is all you need you shouldn't be getting hit if played right but there is still some enemies that will hit you with range so this is your oh **** button when you are in trouble it really helps as it restores health so make sure you have this ability at level 2 but like I said do not invest any more points in it 1 point is more then enough.


Heartseeking shot: Your bread and butter ability really strong and does stupid amounts of damage when you invest points into Rapid fire in the Proficiencies area which you will be investing all your points into eventually you can almost nearly spam this ability usually how it works is you use Heartseeking Shot, 2 auto attacks then Heartseeking shot rince and repeat and this is your one shot ability as the critical damage it dishes out is insane when points are invested into Rapid Fire in the proficiencies section which you will be maxing out eventually it makes it so you recover focus whenever you kill a target with Heartseeking Shot it is 6 focus per point that is invested into Rapid Fire.


Call Of The Hunt: This ability you need to MAKE SURE you have up as much as you possibly can as this increases your damage by a HUGE amount as I said earlier you wont be using your orb thingies for anything but Call Of The Hunt so there shouldn't be any excuses why not to have this ability up so PLEASE keep this ability up 100% but remember to use Charm Of The Eternal Life when you are low on health the reason why attack is your mandatory stat I mean make sure you ALWAYS choose attack over agility because Call Of The Hunt gives you more than enough agility and also in her talents you get 20% agility from Steady Aim so that's more then enough agility needed but remember agility is still a really good stat to have as it is your second best stat after attack so if you have an item with agility on it but no attack that is okay nothing wrong with that but if you find an item that reduces agility but adds attack then make sure you go with the attack item.


Chosen Prey: This ability is your boss killer you only need 1 point into this as I said before you put this up onto bosses your damage will be so high it is just stupid on how quick you can kill bosses using this ability on bosses so other then that you wont be using this ability so make sure you only use this ability on bosses other then that you go back to spamming heartseeking shot.


Blackhound Familiar: Awesome pet looks amazing and it actually helps and you don't need to invest much points into it to make it strong so when you can get this ability make sure you get it and you wont regret it I just love him only downside is you need to switch to dual wield to summon him but that's not even hard to do so the only time you should be in dual wield is when you need to summon your pet but remember straight after you summoned your pet switch straight back to Rifle.


Okay now you know what your abilities do and when to use them you must be sitting there thinking when and what order should I be getting them? Well I will now tell you that the good thing about Katarina there isn't really a specific order you need to get your abilities but you need to make sure you ONLY invest points into the abilities listed above if you want to be a godlike Katarina this is what I did but you can switch it around but like I said please only invest your points into the abilities I listed above I find the other abilities useless.


Okay now I am going to tell you what I invested my points into including talents you can follow this (recommended for new players) but like I said there isn't really a specific order but this is what I did.


For talents you can choose what you want to get there is no specific order you can them in whatever order you want but the only ones you should be investing points into are Steady Aim, Markswoman, Critical Precision, Thrill Of The Hunt the rest of your points you can choose what you want to get but MAKE sure you invest your points into the ones I said since they are the must have talents you need to get on Katarina but to get you started I would go with Steady Aim first followed by Markswoman.


Okay now At level 2 get Charm Of Eternal Life like I said this is the ability you will ONLY get 1 point in do not invest any more points into this 1 point is enough than after confirming that it will take you to the proficiency section and you are going to get rapid fire keep getting points into heartseeking shot/rapid fire until you unlock the legionnaire section then you will be getting Call Of The Hunt now when you get Call Of The Hunt (your second best ability after heartseeking shot) you will be investing as much points as you possibly can into Call Of The Hunt (don't worry you will be getting more points into rapid fire later) when you are leveling Call Of The Hunt when it takes you to the proficiency section make sure you max out Perfect Shot to go with it since it increases your agility dramatically when you are under the effects of Call Of The Hunt now you will get to a point when you can't get Heartseeking shot/Call Of The Hunt because you may have maxed them out or you need to be a higher level to get more points into it but after you can't get Heartseeking shot/Call Of The Hunt anymore get one point into Chosen Prey you ONLY need 1 point into this as you will only be using this ability like I said before for boss fights chuck it on bosses and watch them drop in seconds okay make sure you max out Heart seeking shot/Call Of The Hunt with their proficiencies to go along with it for heart seeking shot make sure you max out Rapid Fire and for Call Of The Hunt max out Perfect shot keep investing points into them until you can get Blackhound Familiar and when it comes to his proficiencies you can choose to level whatever one you want I usually go 50/50.


Please be informed I don't have much time but within the next couple of days I will edit this and will continue to edit this when I get the time to since this guide isn't 100% finished yet but within the up coming week it will be and I will make it more presentable but for now this will do cause keep in mind by the time you read this and follow what I have wrote it will be edited and look a lot more neater.


I WILL BE MAKING A VIDEO TUTORIAL IN THE NEAR FUTURE but for now take care everyone sorry that this is horribly rushed guide but like I said this will do for now take care any questions please let me know feel free to email me or reply to this thread goodbye :p




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Okay for some reason I can't edit my last original post anymore so I have to reply if you guys get to level 11 and you don't know what to get since at level 11 you should have Rapid Fire and Perfect shot maxed out in the proficiencies section you need to get one point into Soul Thief which is Charm Of Eternal Life's proficiencie because you can not get Black Hound Familiar until level 12 at level 12 this is where you become a god now lets get back to Soul Thief the one point in that is quite helpful it gives you some nice life steal when you attack enemies when you are under the effects of Charm Of Eternal Life now for the best ability in game remember to summon Black Hound Familiar you need to be in dual wield stance but like I said before it takes seconds to switch into dual wield summon your best friend and then go back into rifle stance and for proficiencies for the Black Hound Familiar pet you would want to max out Woman's Best Friend since it increases the hit points and damage of your pet DO NOT get shadow link I find it useless since you shouldn't be taking that much damage the 1 point in Soul Thief plus the effects of Charm Of Eternal Life heals you more then enough.



WHAT REALLY SUCKS IS your pet doesn't really follow you it costs a lot of focus to summon and you seem to be summoning it every time you get into combat to fight a group of mobs I find that really annoying but on the bright side this pet is actually really strong but it can be very irritating having to summon it all the time I wish it was one of those pets that will follow you and was permanent until death but sadly the game developers really failed on this part just get the pet and you will see what I mean.


Also at level 12 when you cross the bridge and go into the swamp area you meet up with Lucas I strongly suggest you have him as your party member buy him some really strong gear and have him tank with a shield and one hander since he absorbs a lot of damage and is a great tank so basically he is the one taking the damage I find that when you get Lucas into your party the game becomes a joke.

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In my opinion, Rifle Katarina is probably the strongest and least challenging character. She can reach her enemy from afar and if you have maxed thrill of the hunt she can constantly use empowered heartseeking shot which instantly kills almost everything.

I don't think much of dual-wielding. The hound may be fun, but...

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I don't know about the other characters, but as far as a HC rifle-using Katarina goes, a guide is virtually irrelevant --- except for how to get by a few bosses, like Rajani, Ehregott and Chakti, and there almost everything else also seems irrelevant apart from dodge-dodge-dodge-hit-dodge-dodge, and a few specific strategies, like taking Rajani's fire form up close and dodge-rolling from one place to the other when she teleports.

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I'd say first Agility and then Will are the most important stats for Katarina. Keep agility high enough and you have 50% critical hit chance the entire game (amplified with Call of the Hunt) and once you get the talent that restores Focus with each critical hit, as someone above mentioned you can spam (empowered) heartseeking shot forever (therefore, Will is important since it increases ability damage).

The ending of the words is ALMSIVI.

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