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Schedules and Day/ Night cycles

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Oh well, it's been a good 6 months since I've started one of these threads, but I figure it's a generic enough question.


Will Delaware feature NPC schedules and/ or a day/night cycle? Even if full schedules for all significant NPCs aren't implemented, will some PC have them?

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Whether they do or not will be seen, but I have some concerns about such an addition. While it tends to add some decent realism to the game, what it also does is make it so that players will have to wait around a lot of the time for particular NPCs to show up, etc. We all know there's no fun in waiting, and if they add in the ability to "advance the clock" by resting/waiting, then what is the point of putting in the schedules, especially if time has no relevance other than for day/night cycles? :)

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day/night cycle would be a nice addition but schedules are too much hassle in a linear game. You want to be able to find NPCs fast, not worry if they're in bed, at work, or taking a leak behind some bushes. :)


I like scheduling in Gothic2 which makes the game feel alive, but in a story-driven rpg it might not work so well. NPCs should do more than pace around though

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