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I could do this blindfolded Achievement Not Unlocking for Xbox 360

Heather Lehane


I just got the game yesterday and started playing it today and I'm facing the problem of not being able to get this Achievement to unlock. I beat up the first boss outside the chapter house while still in starting equipment. I did NOT equip anything I picked up from the burning mansion nor did I equip anything I found on the road to the chapter house. I have since beaten Boris still in the starting equipment and still no joy. I am on a 360 by the way and the achievement is NOT unlocking. This is ridiculous. The game is awesome but achievements not unlocking is extremely annoying. Had this same problem with Bioware's Dragon Age 2 game.


Please update this soon.


I also ask politely that game devs please test the game thoroughly for bugs like this. It's annoying when Achievements don't unlock and it ticks me off that I spent a good 60 dollars on this game to it be bugged like this.

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