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Can't install from pc disk





I'm having problems installing the game from the pc disk.


I go through all the Steam stuff (already have a registered account), that's all fine, but when it starts to install the game from the disk, I get a message telling me that the steam servers are to busy.

Then, when I double-click on the game from the steam interface to try to prompt the install, it starts downloading it from Steam instead of installing from the disk.


How do I make this game install from the disk?






Removing and reinstalling the game repeatedly (I tried about 10-12 times) eventually allowed it to be installed from the disk rather than via Steam. It seems that if the install fails for any reason it will just try to download it instead of installing it from disk, and the Steam connection errors were enough to stuff up the disk install. Removing and reinstalling allows the whole process to reset, and from there it's just a matter of luck with accessing the Steam server.

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