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PC Local Co-op with gamepads



I am trying to play PC local couch co-op. I have two gamepads connected to my pc. One Logitech Rumblepad 2 and a Logitech F710 Gamepad.


I originally was using the Rumblepad 2 with x360ce and everything was working great. With the F710 connected and set to be the secondary controller via windows gamepad settings the game doesn`t recognize it as a second controller. When I go to find game and the local co-op screen comes up the second player (Press Start to join.) is greyed out.


I think the problem is the F710 has xinput so the game sees it as a real Xbox 360 controller but when I use x360ce to enable the Rumblepad it cancels out the F710, or something...


Any ideas on how to get both controllers working?

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So I did some research and figured it out.


The F710 gamepad has a switch to change modes from xinput to directinput. If you set it to direct input it uses the Rumblepad 2 drivers and x360ce recognizes it as a rumblepad. You can the load the Rumblepad presets for both controllers in the x360ce control panel and everything works perfectly in DS3.

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