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I got the game on release, as another individual I know did as well (so we could play co-op). Reading through several of these posts praising the game and the decisions the company(s) have made in the creation of the game we are both a bit confused.


I don't mean to be a jerk or anything, but lets face it. The game was designed for PS3 and released on PC. The game did not come with a manual, even the link was broken that had an online manual. After 3 days I downloaded the "manual" and printed it to find out it's a whole 5 pages most importantly with incorrect information. The gameplay would be awesome if it was as the manual says, but it isn't.


The camera angles/camera lock is terrible. If your partner dies, you should have free control over the camera and not be linked anymore, but it's not like that. The movement/targetting is way off of where it should be, or how the manual describes it.


Am I missing a patch or something? I was under the impression Steam kept everything up to date.


Overall, if these issues do not get resolved I will not be buying another Dungeon Siege game from here on out. The game had great potential, but was ruined by the gameplay/camera. I would highly question a game released by Obsidian and Square Enix for any purchases as well since I feel robbed on this purchase. Releasing a game before it is ready always warrants this type of response and these two companies should know better than to do just that especially when you see games such as Witcher come from a newer/smaller company take time, dedication and persistence on their game. And ontop of that, they support the game. I suppose this will be a test to the support of these companies to see if they wish to rectify the quality of the gameplay.


It's a shame the graphics, story and visuals had to be torn down due to the gameplay and mechanics/limitations of the camera and targetting.


I seriously hope someone from one of these two companies will reply to this addressing concerns and stating what their intentions are - if any.

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I tried the demo and could tell this would be a game best played on console. I enjoy it myself, as someone who has enjoyed other console action RPGs like Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance and, to a lesser extent, Fallout Brotherhood of Steel.


They are working on a patch to fix some of the camera issues. I'd link the forum thread, but I'm not sure where it is.

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The sticky on the forum answers the questions, yes.


I don't think they've spoken on the camera issue yet, but it doesn't make sense for devs to mention or promise anything before they are 100% sure - if they said "we'll look at camera" then turned out it couldn't be changed, that would be even worse.


Initial modding attempts indicate it may be possible to 'unlock' a higher zoom for the camera ourselves, but who knows...

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