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Blue screen on Radeon HD 6970



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Demo played fine but now I am getting blue screen every 5 minutes, regardless of settings. Apparently I am not the only HD 6970 user having problem: steam thread: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/show...d.php?t=1935798

Please have a look at this issue.


File listed as the cause of trouble: Atimtag.sys


YES i couldn't read my blue screen cause my system has some feeling that my screen is 3 times larger than it actually is when it crashes. Still, a patch on the specific issue would be appreciated.


Also, for some giggles, as the demo did play out fine, i am going to do a bit of investigating for now and see if the files can be interchangeable, though this is highly unlikely, the game doesn't work in the first place so why not xD

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I have, i had an older driver and played the game and it blue screened updated the driver and...blue screened.


but now i am on windows 7 and i find that i have not blue screened, or at least not yet, so unless i just somehow am having the luckiest run without a blue screen, i can not tell you exactly the issue regarding windows vista, but it would seem that its the OS itself in coordination with the ATI HD6970. I probably could have spent more time investigating the actual issue itself through diagnostics and looked to see what was the problem exactly but I was going to clean install windows 7 anyway so i didn't really care as much.

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