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Everything DS was, this isnt

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I really hate coming into a forum and busting on the Devs, but seriously guys, how could you all mess this game up so badly that not just me, but the entire community is up in arms about. Not just this forum, try Blues News, Voodoo Extreme, the Steam Forums. They are all saying the same thing. and many have canceled their pre orders.


What really killed this game for me was the lack of options. Reconfiguring my keys being the biggest issue. I generally have to use at times a small little program called AHK, AutoHotKey. This little app doesn

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I feel the same way, I would like to know why they decided to focus on story rather than gameplay, why they thought multiplayer/ character progression were superfluous, and why the new game is fun/great/ not a catastrophic failure.


The design choices are theirs, they should have reasons for them; I'd like to hear what they are.

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