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Sorry if this has already been addressed, but I looked around and couldn't find anything on it.


Where is the PS3 demo? Just checked the PSN store, nothing in the demo section. Did a search and everything. No DS3 demo. If someone knows something about this, throw me a bone. Thanks guys.

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I can't check the PSN Store obviously, but I can tell you that if you don't live in North America demo isn't out yet.


I live in North America. I'm messing around with the PC demo. Fun enough, but controls are pissing me off and I want to play co-op.

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Just took a while to show in the PSN Store. Got it, co-op was a lot of fun, and the main reason i will be getting the game. PC version = alright, PS3 version (co-op) = Lots of fun.



Same, in live in the Netherlands, but i downloaded it with my US account. Love the game. Day-one purchase for me :lol:

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