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On a toolset and persistent worlds

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First, I must say the game looks beautiful and the engine seems very promising. It will surely be a great (action) rpg as I consider Obsidian the best there is when it comes to fantasy party-based rpgs. Sure, there's also Bioware - but with things like level scaling and other design

choices that Bioware likes so much (which I'm really not fond of), I prefer Obsidian.


Now on the topic of persistent worlds.. I was introduced to persistent worlds with NWN2 and liked the experience a lot. One of the first things that popped into my mind when I saw those beautiful screenshots of DSIII was: how cool it would be to create our own (modest) worlds and play with other people on them.


I'd really like to know if a toolset is being considered and if PWs would even be possible. Are the game-mechanics easily moddable?

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