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This is the most underrated game of the year.

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totally agree and i was crushed when sega announced there would be no sequel not even any dlc i also have fallout new vegas and im thinking to myself obsidian has got to have a fair amount of clout after new vegas cleaned up last year why not partner with bethesda or even publish a sequel on their own? please give me some dlc for alpha protocol !!

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Agreed, it's a great action RPG that was mostly lambasted due to people expecting it to play like a TPS.


That is to say, they didn't expect or like the idee of character skill being the primary factor on how effective you are with weapons. Can't get those nice headshots without some skills in pistol, for example.


Mind you, it's true that even Mass Effect got negatives because of its own reliance on character skill for the shooting aspect, and so it was removed in ME2 with clear results.


But to me, AP was much more RPG than action, and I rather like that a lot. Reminds me much more of Deus Ex, for example... and the plot and dialogue is just plain brilliant.


To me the only problem I see with the game is the boss battles. Unless you thoroughly invested in combat skills, they can be very difficult, and they seem too "action" for me. And good luck if you haven't made a good build. :p


But as an RPG, AP is excellent. Good, appropriately convoluted story, excellent dialogue, and good gameplay. I never regretted the purchase (though I admit doing a recruit play through from the start was a bit masochistic).


Thank you, Obsidian.



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Totally ......



IM still in shock at how good this game is, the level design is sometimes a little too linear for my liking ... Otherwise its a really enjoyable game, where choices actually matter and translate into gameplay!

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