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Checkpoint Logger

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I made this tool way back around release. Never made it public cause I'm a jerk like that. Probably something similar already out there, but what the hey.


What this does is each time a new checkpoint is written to disk it is copied as a persistent save. This helps prevent getting locked into a mistake or bad decision. Anyway, I expect you already know if its something you want or not.


Here it is: http://www.multiupload.com/TELG7V2JJN

Requires .net framework 3.5 or something.


Just run it along with the game. It should find your save path automatically.

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Well, even though I'm not running it -sorry, but I just don't trust random bits of software without some test dummies first-, it's come up clean when run through both NOD32 and VirusTotal. :thumbsup:

"Geez. It's like we lost some sort of bet and ended up saddled with a bunch of terrible new posters on this forum."




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Since its written in .net you can use Reflector (http://reflector.red-gate.com/) to decompile it and view the actual code.


But, do you really think that I would upload a virus specifically targeted at the handful of Alpha Protocol PC players that check these forums?


I'm a little curious as to why you replied at all. Should other forum-goers trust your reported virus scan results? Of course not - even if you've formed a relationship with them in your ~5000 posts.


So, frankly, I'm a bit offended that you replied only to passively accuse me of spreading malware.

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Could have avoided a lot of grief if this was available earlier, or rather, if OE had put it in as a PC option. -_-


I don't really need it but it's definitely nice to have around, actually. Simple but smart.

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Yeah, sorry, I'm totally a jerk.


Some people prefer checkpoint type save systems - removing the need to remember to save. I'm not one of those people. I'm obsessive and a perfectionist, if I feel like I missed something or screwed up and can't go back, it makes me want to throw out my current game and start over.


The Fable games are horrendously frustrating in this way.


Anyway, <3 AP, <3 OE, hope AP2 happens somehow.


Edit: Forgot, that AP DOES have manual saves, I just never used them so I always lost like 4 hours when I wanted to undo something I just did.

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