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help game crashes every time I start it up

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I installed kotor and kotor 2 on my computer and neither of them will start up. i Click on game and the little disk turns and then an error message comes up and says it cant start. I went into the configure setting and it says my video card is not updated, but i have updated it from the nvidia site. it is fully up to date. I have windows vista with a duel core 2.0 GHZ processer and 4 GB of ram. My video card is a nvidia 6150 n420. what do i do to make it work. thank you for your help.

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I have the same problem (running Vista(32) ) and I found that the game starts up if I deactivate sound. Since I don't want to play without sound though, I'm not playing. Any help available?


Edit: Now I feel stupid for registrating and posting before doing a quick read. Will follow instructions.

For OP:


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I tryed what those instructions said but i cant find the ms32.dll to download from the link. I tried searching for one on google but all the ones i downloaded didn't work. i would get a message saying that the "mss32.dll could not be found and reinstalling the program might fix the problem". that would come up if I would save the file, and if i would try to run the file it would try to open it with adobe reader, and wouln't work. please help.

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