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Landscapes and Towns

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Virumor raised an idea I've been thinking about in the DS3 at NY Comic Con thread . What legendary DS\DS2 locations would you want to see revisited? And similarly which would you like to see avoided?


My favourite towns\localities would probably have been Hiroth and Fallraen (the snowy alpine town) from the muliplayer. Castle Ehb and the Goblin caves weren't bad either if I recall correctly. The only area I probably disliked was the swamp.


DS2 didn't really have any major highs or lows. Only three towns, none of which stands out to me.


Given how long it's been since I played the game I could be misrecalling of course. Time to grab my staff, load up with a ton of mana potions and start killing Krug and other varmits precluding my peaceful visit to Castle Ehb :lol:

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The desert in DS1 was awesome. So were the mines, and the snowy mountains after it. Heck, even the grasslands were great, and the farmlands at start were also great. I think I like all the locations in DS1 hehe. DS2 had more variations indeed, but there was no getting lost in the wilderness feeling :thumbsup:.

Reasons why Dungeon Siege is NOT a Diablo clone:

- DS has multicharacter parties.

- DS doesn't have boring pre-defined classes, but the players develop the characters.

- DS has packmules!

- DS has a huge map without any loading bars between areas, even when teleporting!

- DS has 10.000+ spells, and even more items!

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