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Weird problem with PC


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Yes, it could be the PSU but it could also be other hardware failure or related issues (including bad video drivers or RAM) or software/file corruption etc. issues. Unfortunately it's one of those "could be a whole lot of things" symptoms. Is there an error message at all, even if there's no time for you to read it? Could it be something as silly as, say, a too loose/wiggly power cord/outlet?


If it keeps happening, the PSU's one of the easiest thing to try first to see if that fixes things -especially if it's an aging one anyway- before spending hours tweaking other stuff. Or take it to a shop.


Disclaimer:I'm not a pc-tech expert. :deadhorse:

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There's no peeping, no warnings, no bluescreens whatsoever.


I want to note that once the PC boots, he runs super stable. I can play games, everything. It's not a heating problem because the temperatures are okay.


This only happened today because yesterday before I went to sleep, I switched off the PSU (which I normally never do), so probably had something to do with the ELKOs.


I just switched the PC off, waited, and turned in on, and voila, it worked.


It could be also something to do with the motherboard. I searched a lot and it's probably either PSU ELCO or Motherboard ELCO. Damn, need to figure this out.


Maybe I should open the PC and look for damages, but I'm not smelling a damaged condensator.

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he would start

he runs super stable



Just what kind of relationship you have with your pc? :lol:



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gah, and I wanted to tell you how I had the exact same problem and it wasn't the power source :lol:

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