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Shock Trap Mk3 and EMPs as loot


Shock Trap Mk3: Description indicates that it will take out all enemies in the affected area. Unfortunately, it appears that it only takes out two (exact same as the Mk2). If so, then the description is wrong or the upgrade is bugged and therefore useless.


EMPs as loot: You can only pick up EMPs if you have EMPs equipped in a gadget slot AND you have inventory available. This one's tricky to describe but I'll do my best.


If you have EMPs equipped (say you don't have the Electronic Warfare perk, so you have 2 of 2 in your inventory), if an enemy drops an EMP as loot, it disappears. If you have a gadget slot available (i.e. you've used all the EMPs that you brought with you and now you have an opening), it disappears. If you brought two EMPs but used one, and an enemy drops one as loot, it will be added to your inventory.


This is different than other gadgets because if you have an opening and you pick up an Explosive Grenade (or any other gadget), it will instantly be added to your inventory. Even if you don't have an opening, it will be added to your general inventory and you can sell it/keep it for use later/etc. Not the case here. If you don't have EMPs equipped and room for one more, it's gone. Might as well not even bother picking it up.


Easy way to test this one: Bring EMPs to Graybox during End Game and leave one of your gadget slots open. In the room where you contact Parker/Omen, pick up the EMP on the table. Gone. Reload. Use an EMP to open the safe in the room (EMP -1), then pick up the EMP on the table (EMP full).


Since this is the only gadget this happens with, I'm wondering if this was done intentionally :lol:

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"Our worst enemies are inventions of the mind. Pleasure. Fear. When we see them for what they are, we become unstoppable."

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