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Dex Monkey Build.

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Hey guys I am currently about half way through my playthrough using my Jedi Sentinal/Watchman..I am playing her as a stealther and her Defense and Dex are great...but there have been a few times where I have died which usually does not happen in a playthrough as a guardian or Consular. This is my first playthrough with the TSLRCM Mod and I am wondering do they make the bosses a bit harder? I died once to Visas (I had no Lightsaber yet so my damage was low yes I took the finesse melee feat at the start of the game) then beat her the second time and I also lost to the Vision of Revan the first time and defeated him the second time as well...I am wondering is my defense to low? Fully buffed it is at 45 with all the lightside master buffs. Maybe I should have taken energy resistance? Maybe I am counting too much on my defense against lishgtsaber wielding bosses? All of my gear is Dex based including my implants...or maybe I just let a few fall off (I dont have enlightment yet maybe I should save korriban for last) and got a few bad rolls.

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What sort of Lightsaber crystals you using? are you using any? what's your wisdom modifier? are you using force powers for Knight Speed? Heal? Do you have Shields that absorb energy? 47 DEF sounds pretty high and they shouldnt be getting through you alot, but it sounds as if you have low STR and CON and maybe dont have the toughness feat for the extra damage resistance and HP, I sported a 36 DEF using only 1 Saber and heavily invested in Knight Speed and Flurry, that's almost a must have. But if you don't want to go down that route, use shields and knight speed, is your treat injury high? then I'd suggest making Life Suppor Packs, they're cheap and you can get rid of some crap equipment to make a ton of them. If you can stun them (Force Push, Stasis or the Dark Side variants) I think you get your sneak attack bonus to that, so try and put some effort into getting your opponent stunned or frozen or whatever and then hit them while they're stunned/in the back. You picked a build that makes you do work, I dont suspect you can slug it out one on one without a good strategy. That's what I would do.

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as far as crystals goes I am using the named Crystal (2str, 2 dex and 3 wis) and a blaster bolt deflection crystal as Wisdom crystals dont seem to stack (bug?). My wisdom mod is what I think is to low (With master valor its 20 which is a +4 i think?) so yes regular mobs I get good sneak attacks because I stealth or use other party members as reliable stunners, I have master speed, ,mastor heal, Force Shield (the third tier one) my Con is very high actually its a base 18 (which might have been a mistake since the implant I have been using the whole time is the +3 Dex which only needs 16) and yes I dont have the toughness feat which seems to be my biggest mistake (or at least energy resistance).

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