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I will remain Neutral

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Forget all you Dark Siders and Light Siders, I'm going neutral. I will get all these great bonuses like Master of Neutral Alignment giving +3 to passiveness.

Don't forget the about the information just released on the 3 newest prestige classes.


The Neutral Lawnmower

The Neutral Gizka Trainer

The Neutral Droid Repair Guy


But seriously is there going to be any advantage in being neutral or will they save that for if you want more of a challenge?

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alright. Here you go buddy. It said that Black Isle Studio cancelled it when Interplay lost their D&D license in 2003. The lead designer was Josh Sawyer who also designed the Icewind Dale games. They said that Atari and Bioware will not confirm if Bioware will be involved in this game. The publisher is Atari and the developer is not mentioned nor is a release date.


Not a direct sequel but similar epic scope and large gaming population


Not using the Infinity Engine. Going to use new engine (unnamed so far)


Atari says your view point will be more immersive than traditional isometric view


Plot set in early days of Baldur's Gate


Lots of Forgotten Realm monsters, races, sub-races and prestige


Working closely with Wizards of the coast


*Excited* Plans on polling fans to ensure favorite characters, classes etc. make it

in the game


Use the D&D 3.5 rules


Not be an action/rpg hyprid


Not sure if real time or turnbased yet


Some non combat quests and "bloodless" solutions to quests


Party based gameplay


The game will be EPIC



Hope that whets your appetite a little.

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Bioware has developed a newer engine than the Dragon Age engine . If Bioware is not developing it then i doubt Bioware would license it out.(Opinion). Suuposedly it is more advanced then the Odyssey engine that power KOTOR or the DA engine.


As far as playing a neutral character is concerned, you could play a neutral character but eventually you would have to choose the Light/Dark path anyway.


Neutratlity would have provided some interesting options. Too bad we shall never know.

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