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Jedi Exile

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I was wondering if someone could explain (or post a link) to me why the jedi became a "force-vampire"


From what I understood, before the war she(played as a female) was capable to create bonds very easily with other force-sensitives .... but when all her companions star dieing on the surface of Malachor V (after the weapon was activated), she was forced to severe all connections to the force, thus becoming a normal person(?) ....


This is the point where the story lost me .... how can she be a wound in the force, when it clearly says that she instinctively deafened herself in order to survive all that pain coming through the force bond from all the soldiers there ....


I've read the wiki (and some other forums), and still didn't get it ..... maybe I'm just to thick in the head .... or maybe the story is too ambiguous


Another other character whose actions left me in the dark is Atris .... while I understood the fact that the Sith holocrons transformed her and Kreia gave the final push for her to fall completely to teh dark side ... I didn't get why she wanted to fight the Exile ? I mean (at that moment) they both wanted to destroy the invading fleet and Darth Nihilus .... so why fight ?

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"Force-vampire" is the interpretation of the jedi masters but it doesn't seem to me like this. The exile represents the death of the force. He/she has severed her/his link with the force up to the point of living without force. But no life exists normally without the force. So, if you see it in the spiritual perspective in an analogy with faith, the exile would be an atheist showing one can live without faith and thus severing the faith of people acknowledging this fact.

This analogy is very present in the game with people talking about "religious" wars between sith and jedi. This is the way I understood the position of Kreia that wants to stop fanatism by destroying the durable faith in the force globally.

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I interpreted it that the Exile uses the Force through connections with others (and especially the bond with Kreia). Whether these connections were harmful to those others and/or the Force, was only according to the Jedi Masters.


Atris fighting the Exile is because "she came to hate the Exile for the choices she did not make", to quote/paraphrase Kreia.

The ending of the words is ALMSIVI.

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